In his steady effort to enhance social and economic circumstances in Jordan, and to come near the differences between Jordan and its neighboring Arab countries, and provide work jobs, establish the Kingdom image as a hub of businesses and a role model for an progressive and tolerant Muslim nation, his Majesty the king Abdullah II bin Al Hussein has developed an ambitious plan for his country seeking to make use of the most assets present in Jordan, and exploit them to attract investors and tourists, and institutionalize an investment atmosphere suitable for business and entrepreneurs. And in order to achieve His Majesty vision, the Jordanian government has drawn up the development areas law for 2008, which was endorsed by the Jordanian parliament immediately. However, the law states to establish developmental areas in the north and south of the Kingdom, with the aim to attain economic and social prosperity for all Jordanian citizenry.

And so, one of the regions that was selected for hosting the developmental area is Ma’an city located in the southern part of Jordan.