Ma'an is a Jordanian city situated on the southern side of Jordan, placed in middle of the Mideast, on the crossroad between Europe, Africa and Asia, Ma'an is situated in the vicinity of KSA, at a distance of about 100km away from Aqaba sea port. The importance of Ma'an locale is increased by being nearby major commercial centers in the region like Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Riyadh. Also, it's close by the sacred cities like Mecca and Medina.



Ma'an governorate is the largest in Jordan, capital Ma'an city, 216 km away to the South of Amman, population is around 145.000 people. The area is rich in opportunities and surpasses so much its current resources. Ma'an governorate is situated nearby the Saudi borders on the highway leading to Iraq and, this makes it an ideal destination whereupon its economic importance is boosted as being a connection to Iraqi and Saudi markets in addition to GCC's. In addition to that, Ma'an is considered affluent in natural resources as being located in a strategic geographic place, whereby sun irradiance is abundant, and contains several minerals including Basalt, Kaolin and Silica. In terms of civilization, the ruins of ancient Ma'an city is still present next to modern Ma'an city, and, what distinguishes the modern city is being a connection between the old and contemporary, hence it's a pivotal key for transport, where it falls between the old road and the new desert route. And, what sets this road apart historically is by being considered the preferred destination for pilgrims on their way to sacred cities.



Ma'an city is distinguished culturally by authenticity of culture, so it’s an epitome of true Jordanian culture of its many traditions and values and, its people is discerned by their patriotism and abidance by Jordanian customs and sublime objectives.